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Running on Rooftops: The Comic Book Adaptation Podcast

Feb 29, 2016

We are back from our individual sprints! Darryl and Phil reconvine to cover this week's DC CW shows, most of which are on break till the end of March. Which show was Phil's GOAT? Will the phrase "Bow Bro's" be come a thing? (Darryl hopes so!) Listen and find out!


Flash S2 Ep 15: King Shark

  • Darryl C+
  • Phil C+

Arrow S4 Ep 15: Taken

  • Darryl A
  • Phil A-

Legends of Tomorrow Ep 6: Star City 2046

  • Darryl B+
  • Phil A




  1. Agent Carter
  2. Arrow
  3. iZombie
  4. Legends
  5. Flash
  6. Supergirl


  1. Legends
  2. Arrow and iZombie Tie
  3. Arrow and iZombie Tie
  4. Flash
  5. Supergirl