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Running on Rooftops: The Comic Book Adaptation Podcast

Dec 7, 2016


The Invasion! crossover is over! The unprecedented 4 part crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow was a rousing success.  Darryl and Phil give their opinions about the massive event and give four great things we appreciated in the crossover. In addition, we talk the four things that weren't so good about Invasion!.  No shows are perfect, and these episodes are no exception. However, it's been an overwhelmingly good crossover that we've been happy to follow all week.

Time Codes

00:00 - Intro

00:57 - Back from Break

03:30 - Spoiler Free Review

19:36 - Spoiler Space

19:46 - Supergirl

26:05 - Favorite #1

31:55 - Favorite #2

40:37 - Favorite #3

47:24 - Favorite #4

50:31 - Least #1

54:24 - Least #2

57:40 - Least #3

1:01:06 - Least #4

1:03:59 - Final Thoughts

1:06:05 - Wrap Up

1:06:37 - Outro

Four Good things about the Invasion!  crossover

  1. Supergirl in Arrowverse brings a lot of joy to everything: Also. Mick's reactions to Supergirl were pretty funny.
  2. Three fantastic action sequences: The fight under  mind control, Arrow team vs all the past Arrow Villains, All Heroes Versus all Dai Dominators were all fantastic. 
  3. Arrow 100th Episode: This episode and the end of the crossover, gave a fantastic tribute to all that the show has done.
  4. Everytime Diggle gets awkward brings joy to our hearts. It's not a crossover unless John Diggle gets awkward.

Four Not so Good things about the crossover

  1. How quickly Cisco was up to time traveling when he has been mad at Barry for that very reason. We know he's a geek, but come on. 
  2. Forced conflicts with Supergirl: Mad Dog made more sense, but Oliver's seemed out of character 
  3. Slade’s absence from the Arrow episode feels like there's a gap when he's missing from the lineup: He could have at least given a voice over. 
  4. Citizen Steel’s outfit: It's just not very good outside of the CGI effect. It could have been better, but it could have been worse.


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