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Running on Rooftops: The Comic Book Adaptation Podcast

Mar 20, 2018

Jessica Jones is back!  Darryl gives his spoiler-free thoughts on Jessica Jones Season 2. This season has a fairly slow beginning. Jessica is dealing with the aftermath of killing Killgrave, and it's known by the public that she's the one that's responsible for it. This is largely thanks to Trish, who is using her talk show to highlight powered heroes and starting to investigate the people who gave Jessica powers. Also investigating is Malcolm, who is now sober, and is working closely with Jessica and picking her up off the floor each morning. Hogarth has her own arc that runs parallel to main cast's this season. Killgrave leaves a large hole to fill in the cast. In the first season, when he wasn't on the screen, you would be asking "Where's Killgrave?" or "Is this person mind controlled"? It really picks up when the main antagonists are brought forward. Then the questions you ask are, "How did this person get to this point"? and "what does this mean for Jessica"? Some characters make really frustrating choices throughout this season. There where many times where I would say "Why would you do that?" or Why would you trust this person?" It shows how toxic some people can be. In addition, while there isn't any mind control, many of the villains are very emotionally manipulative. People try to get what they want by any means, and they are often very horrible to each other. They don't have to be mind controllers to be terrible people. One of the secondary antagonists ends up slightly more sympathetic than some of the main characters. Only slightly though. When it comes to the ending, you know nothing is going to end well for Jessica. How it all resolves is unexpected, but makes you really want a season 3. Overall, Jessica Jones Season 2 is a good follow up to the first season. I ultimately didn't love it as much as season 1, but it was more consistent than other Marvel Netflix seasons.

Time Codes

  • 00:00:54 - Intro
  • 00:02:02 -  The slow start
  • 00:06:12 - Frustrating choices
  • 00:07:33 - Murder watch
  • 00:08:47 -  Final Thoughts


Jessica Jones Season 2

  • Darryl: B


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