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Running on Rooftops: The Comic Book Adaptation Podcast

Oct 3, 2017

Welcome to Season 4!

Welcome to Season 4 of Running on Rooftops. If this is your first episode, Darryl and Phil are two guys that enjoy comic books and the media they are adapted to. We will be here every week to rate and review comic book tv shows and movies. There's a lot of new events ahead that we will cover this year, like Gifted, the Justice League movie and the CW four-way crossover "Crisis on Earth X". We are a spoiler-filled podcast, meaning we like to discuss the source materials for the shows we cover. So be warned, and feel free to skip around. In this episode, we cover the two-part premiere of the new ABC Series Marvel's Inhumans, and the first 2 episodes of Gotham season 4

Marvel's Inhumans

This show raises a lot of questions. The biggest question being: why should we care about the Inhuman Royal Family? Something just seems off about the show, but I can see them trying to build to something epic. Overall, it does not quite meet the expectations for a show that premiered in IMAX theatres.


It is hard to deny how cool it was to see both Selena and Bruce fighting in the streets, and seeing Bruce's costume evolve was a highlight. For the villains, Penguins crime licenses are amazingly stupid but straight out of a comic book. As for Scarecrow. He's really off looking, and scythe doesn't look sharp, but it's a good, not so high-level villain to face. In addition, the mob element was a highlight of season 1, so it's great to see Falcone may return Sadly, Barbara's return is tiring and the lack of spine for the cops was frustrating. It feels like the GCPD goes from corrupt to clean every few seasons, but it's a good place for Jim to come in as the commissioner he needs to be.

Next Time

We cover Fox's new show in the X-Men universe "The Gifted"


What Inhuman Power would you want to have after Terrigenesis have?

Time Codes

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:55 - Season 4
  • 05:03 - Behold! The Inhumans
  • 31:37 - Ratings
  • 34:14 - Question of the Week!
  • 38:19 - Gotham
  • 01:01:37 - Ratings
  • 01:03:49 - Outro



  • Darryl: B
  • Phil: B


Behold... The Inhumans
Inhumans: Season 1, Episode 1
  • Darryl: C
  • Phil: D+

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