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Running on Rooftops: The Comic Book Adaptation Podcast

Oct 26, 2015

In this sprint ( What we're calling minisodes from now on), Darryl goes over the season so far (1-3) with iZombie season 2. How does it stack up to the remainder of the series so far? Listen and find out!

Oct 19, 2015

Phil and Darryl welcome guest host, Nkem, who is a fan of Gotham but not so much of anything other superhero media. The three hosts discuss everything Gotham season 1 and up to episode 3 of season 2.


Intro- 00:00

Nkem Intro- 00:53

Everything Gotham- 05:23

Smallville Diversion- 32:49

Back to Gotham- 37:27


Oct 13, 2015

Darryl and Phil discuss the premieres of Arrow and Flash. And their final impressions of Vixen. The entire episode takes place in spoiler space, so be warned.


00:00 - Intro

04:00 - Arrow Season 4 Episode 1

33:45 - Darryl's transition

34:15 - The Flash Season 2 Episode 1

49:42 - Another Darryl transition

50:10 - Vixen...

Oct 5, 2015

Phil host a minisode solo this week. And he is breaking down episode one of Agents of Shield's third season.


Intro: 00:00

Plot Recap: 01:00

Review: 10:50

Outro: 18:15