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Running on Rooftops: The Comic Book Adaptation Podcast

Jul 12, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Darryl and Phil review Spider-Man: Homecoming, the joint release from Marvel and Sony.  We reflect on the past few iterations of Spider-Man movies, talk about a basketful of Easter eggs, and gush about Tom Holland and Micheal Keaton. Spider-Man is finally in the Marvel Cinematic Universe everyone....

Jul 9, 2017

Phil Sprints through the season 3 finale of iZombie. Was it bigger? Badder? Zombier? Listen to find out.

Time Codes

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:56 - Phil is back
  • 01:12 - Season finale Review
  • 11:20 - Ratings
  • 12:40 - Outro



  • Phil: A-

Season 3

  • Phil: A-


Jul 8, 2017

Gotham Season 3 Review

Let's get started by talking about the season three finale of Gotham, Heavy Dirty Soul.  Not sure if it's a reference to something but things got pretty heavy, things got pretty dirty and weren't terribly soulful. This finale was pretty effective in wrapping up all the various plots from this past...