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Running on Rooftops: The Comic Book Adaptation Podcast

Nov 15, 2016

Young Justice season 3 is in production! We are so hyped,we dedicated a whole episode to it. Darryl and Phil discuss the Young Justice Season 3 Announcement. To celebrate the return of this fantastic cartoon that was cruelly cut short, we give a SPOILER FREE review of seasons 1 and 2. We discuss what we loved, the struggles with air dates, and what we look forward to for the new season.  We tried to be as spoiler free as possible, so out and watch it if you can. DVD's are available, and it's on Netflix. Watch one episode a week, and after 46 weeks you'll be that much closer to season 3 :D


Young Justice Season 1
  • Darryl: A+
  • Phil: A+
Young Justice Season 2
  • Darryl: A-
  • Phil: A


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